Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fish Jumble

So here is the colored version of the fish jumble... not a huge fan of it. Then again, I've also been staring at it for hours. It's not finished...I just need someone to tell me whats wrong with it, and whats right with it: so crits are most welcome.


  1. Varying up the line weight would help the piece tremendously. Instead of just choosing a line and making it thicker, try to think critically about where the line would be thicker due to position and mass. Multiple variations in a simple form make it feel more organic.
    The fish in the lower left corner is really interesting because of the colored line you used. It feels like it glows with sunlight. You didn't do this anywhere else, maybe continue it a bit throughout the piece?
    The fish in the top left: the scales on it's backside that are breaking frame don't move with the form. You have them beveling in towards the fin where they would bevel out and follow the smooth arc you created with it's body. The shading on it's body is really nice, but you should continue the light onto it's fin or else it appears plastic. But that might just be because it's not done yet and you haven't gotten to it yet.
    The parts where you've shaded with a color are so brilliant! Always choose that over the burn tool. The tentacles are getting a bit murky at the bottom, consider adding some light, separate shading to the suction cups so they pop
    I hope that helps. It's really, really good. I love it! The color palate is super boss!

  2. Thank you Windsay for the crits! I can always count on you for your advice. I chickened out with the lines. They were initially supposed relevant to the underlying colors...but black lines are comforting. I need to get rid of some of the smaller fish...they're just crowding things and mucking up the readability. I still like it...just wish it was better.